Donald Trump: Love Gun

The real face of Donald Trump.

Donald Blues: Four Fried Chickens and a Coke

Donald Trump.  Nuff said…

The Portland Malt Shoppe by Patrick Valdez

The dream of Portland but this is in Duluth, Minnesota in March of 2013.

The Oath Keepers

Because seriously, fuck the Oath Keepers.  A bunch of delusional and dickless morons.

Art Card: Socially Justice Warrior by Patrick Valdez

Sunset Transit Center

Had to do a pre-employment drug test today so rather than posting a photo of me pissing into a cup, I give you the Blue Line MAX heading westbound.

Bus-bike-backpacking on the Iron Horse Trail

Nothing stimulates my loins more than learning about new and exciting cycling trips that can be completed without the use of a car.  I came across the following article at Seattle Bike Blog.… Continue reading

Coffee Mug Poster by Patrick Valdez

Playing around with displacement maps in Adobe Photoshop.  Came up with this.  The poster on the right is done as a halftone image.  Not my best work but it has given me quite… Continue reading

Four Panel Robot by Patrick Valdez

Patrick Valdez Four Panel Robot, 2015 Colored Markers on Watercolor Paper 4″ x 5″

Art Card: Terlet Paperman by Patrick Valdez

Patrick Valdez Art Card: Terlet Paperman, 2015 Markers on Bristol Paper 3″ x 5″

Fallout: 1st Recon (art card) by Patrick Valdez

Patrick Valdez Fallout: 1st Recon, 2015 Colored Pencils on Bristol Paper 2.5″ x 3.5″

Ride Wide PDX by Patrick Valdez

Patrick Valdez Ride Wide PDX, 2015 Markers on Bristol Paper 2.5″ x 3.5″